Health Benefits Associated with Eating Crab

Fish is one of the meals that is loved by humans but not all the kinds of fish. One of the fish that is rarely eaten despite having enormous health benefits. At some point, it is considered as a cultural meal since it is mostly consumed by a certain group of poor. Another group also fail to eat crab because it is rarely found while the remaining big percentage choose not to eat fish for no substantial reason. Therefore, through this article, I will discuss some of the reasons why crab should be part of your diet. One of the reasons why should start buying crab is that it is rich in chromium. Chromium helps in the breakdown of sugar which in turn lowers blood glucose levels in the body, therefore good for people with diabetes.

Another reason why you should consider buying crab meat at is that is rich in omega three fatty acids just like shellfish. The source of omega three fatty acids in the body of crabs are the foods that they mostly consume such as phytoplankton and algae. Omega 3 is used to the body since it helps in reducing the level of stickiness of the blood platelets. The reduction in the stickiness of the platelets, in turn, improves the flexibility of the red blood cells and also enhance the flow of the circulatory system.

The other reason while you should include crab in your diet is that is known to contain anti-cancer properties. Just like all the other shellfish, crab contains selenium which acts as an anti-oxidant in the body and hinders the carcinogenic effects of mercury, cadmium, and arsenic in the body. The elements mentioned earlier are responsible for the growth of tumors in the body. Therefore, to deter the growth of tumor in the body then you should increase the levels of selenium by consuming crab. You may further read about seafood at

Lastly, crab is an excellent source of cholesterol. Despite the fact that crab meat contains low levels of saturated fat, it has high levels of good cholesterol. Consumption of cholesterol lowers the risk of suffering from some of the lethal health concerns such as circulatory diseases, and strokes. Furthermore, research that has been recently conducted shows that crab contains a substance known as sterol which restricts the absorption of harmful cholesterol from other food sources such as oils and fats in the body. Therefore, to live a much healthier life and reduce your chances of succumbing to diseases such as cancer and diabetes among others you should start buying crab meat at